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Welcome to RIBS!

Allow to present you our business project which already is known today in Russia, the CIS countries and the far abroad (the USA, Israel, France, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Germany, Austria). You possibly ask why?

For the people who are engaged in the organisation and development of the business, presence of advertising-information resources is always important. They, certainly exist, but only in the form of the isolated, unsystematized information on which search precious time leaves. Besides, there is no guarantee that the information is authentic and reliable!

Purposes RIBS

Assistance to effective and mutually advantageous cooperation of the international companies and businessmen, and also integration of private persons on European and the world market.

Team RIBS:

Gives to the clients and partners the information, mechanisms and resources, and also ideas for opening, growth and development of business of the companies from the most various industries and sphere of services.

It helps the enterprises to save essentially material investments at opening and development of the business on European (Germany, Russia, the CIS countries, Czechia, Greece) and the world market (the USA, Israel).

Projects RIBS:

Possibilities RIBS:

Opening, development and advancement of your business becomes sometimes exigeant owing to insufficient volume of the special information, knowledge, contacts, resources and even technical possibilities.
RIBS activity on representation of your interests will be more effective and is reliable.

Modelagentur Stylished

Agency RIBS:

The representative of your interests
and a guarantee of successful development of your business. You wish to have the representation as it will favourably be reflected in development of your activity, but volumes, periodicity of problems and complexity of remote control do inexpedient its maintenance. We suggest you to use our possibilities!

Yours faithfully,

RIBS Group

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