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Ewropeyskie Mansardi Ltd.
Person: Evgeny Bogomasow-Pusser
Phone: +7 (911) 9 97 00 68
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Idea of the project «Mansarda» (engl. «Penthouse») it is based on practice of the European countries where in city centre each sq. centimetre of the earth is used: this building of penthouses. Almost in any house, without the big capital investments, under the simplified legal scheme it is possible to erect original, specific, comfortable habitation or office. Building technologies and the legal scheme are checked up and fulfilled, buildings and apartment houses receive long-awaited repair and an accomplishment. As a result, shareholders live in the most reconstructed house.

project «Mansarda» is directed on introduction to a commercial turn of the ground areas and the general property in apartment houses in Moscow, St.-Petersburg, and regions on purpose:
  • fast and economic new building in the historical centre of Moscow and St.-Petersburg;
  • decisions of problems of housing and communal services (available housing repair, efficient control);
  • attraction of proprietors of the real estate in active management of the property in apartment houses and involving of their active in a commercial turn;
  • developments of enterprise activity of citizens in the conditions of crisis.

The project «Mansarda» is based on potential of not used general property (attics and cellars) and the ground areas concerning apartment houses. These areas can be built up and reconstructed on the basis of simple contracts with their owners - proprietors of premises in apartment houses - house owners. The existing legislation allows to carry out the given project, but demands completion and introduction of procedures of execution of the law on places for mass introduction.

All project from the beginning of carrying out of meeting before property registration on again constructed premises of penthouses occupies about 12 months. The cost price of erection of penthouses already is less today than 30 thousand roubles for metre a sq. Penthouse it is possible to build almost in any house. Even erection of the new house on the earth will occupy no more than 18 months.

The project «Mansarda» urged to satisfy requirement of housing and communal services under repair apartment houses, on the one hand, and citizens of Russia in accessible modern habitation, with another. It is possible by realisation of the rights of a home ownership in apartment houses.

In each project we make out the property on the ground area, often proprietors receive new premises for their delivery in rent that brings in the income to the house for a covering of costs for its maintenance.

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Authors of the
project «Mansarda»
Evgeny Bogomasow-Pusser
Andrey Uversky


Ewropeyskie Mansardi Ltd.
Sq. A.Newskogo, 2
BC "Moskow", Office 406
191317, St.-Petersburg, Russia


+7 (911) 9 97 00 68

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